Croatian Coast and Islands Photo Tour in 2024. With professional photographer and tour guide Peter Zuvela!

Peter is an experienced professional photographer who has run photography tours in Western Australia for more than ten years. He knows the Croatian coastal areas very well and is fluent in the language and local dialects.
Please note Croatian Coast and Islands Photo Tour JUNE 2023 is booked and ready to go. 
The itinerary of the Croatian Coast and Islands Photo Tour JUNE 2024:

Split (old town):  Accommodation 3 nights 
Hvar Town (Hvar island): 2 nights
Korcula Town (Korcula island):  2 nights
Dubrovnik (old town):   3 nights
Total: 10 nights
It's a street photography tour at its best with the beautiful surrounds of the Mediterranean sea. It includes Roman buildings, Venetian architecture and Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik - old town) street environments.
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or call Peter on 041 793 9783.
More information to come.

PZ IMG 4869 A4

 Sunrise in the town of Hvar.

PZ IMG 7786 2

The Old town of Korcula.

The old town of Korcula started its life as a Dalmatian Latin (Roman) town - named Corcyra. Later it became a dual Croatian-Slavic and Latin Romance town (then renamed Citta Curzola). All part of Croatian Coast and Islands Photo Tours in 2024 with professional photographer and tour guide Peter Zuvela.


PZ IMG 4423

The Chapel off Saint Cosmas (Kuzma) and Saint Damian on the island of Korcula. The foundations are from the 6th century AD (Roman), whilst the rest of the Chapel was rebuilt in the 11 century. The Chapel is on the Blato Field near by the village of Blato.

PZ IMG 4806

SUNSET in the Gradina bay on the Island of Korcula. 

PZ Veiw from Walls of Dubrovnik

Views from the old walls of Dubrovnik.

pz img 0665 


Image of Dubrovnik’s massive walls. Photo taken from Porporela (breakwater wall). Dubrovnik (formerly Ragusa) , a city state then a Republic with Roman/Illyrian origins.

PZ IMG 9113

Strada (street) of the old town of Split. The image by Peter Zuvela - Photography is of an ancient street in Split (historically also known as Spalato). The street is within the former fortified Diocletian's Roman Palace. Croatian Coast and Islands Photo Tours in 2024 with professional photographer and tour guide Peter Zuvela - Photographer.

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