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Peter Zuvela, freelance photographer, offers an unique and high quality photographic service.

He specializes in artistic images of landscapes and cityscapes with a wide range of images available for purchase. He also offers an art documentation service for 3D and wall works, event photography, real estate photography (interiors and exteriors) and a series of Digital Photography Courses conducted from his studio at Unit 3, J Shed FREMANTLE.

Walk the Historic Streets of Fremantle 


Walk the streets of historic Fremantle (Walyalup) with your camera or smart phone learning how to capture great shots of the West End, the Port and Bathers Beach environs.
Suitable for beginners who want to develop their photography skills and learn more about how to get the most out of their smartphone, mirrorless camera or DSLR camera. Learn about exposure, explore composition, and the importance of light within the West End of Fremantle.
Peter Zuvela has been working in Fremantle since 1998 and knows Fremantle (Walyalup) like the back of his hand. Born in Fremantle, Peter graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Photography from Perth TAFE in 1998. Is working as a freelance photographer-artist and teacher from the J Shed Art Studio on Bathers Beach in Fremantle WA. He has run Fremantle walking photography tours for more than 10 years with cameras and more recently smartphones. 
Booking via Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cost: $95.00 2 hours
Tele: 0417939783

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Photography Tours of Fremantle - Perth (Saturdays)

Alfonso Calero Fremantle - Perth Photography Tours with Peter Zuvela

Professional Photographers Peter Zuvela and Alfonso Calero, teaching you Digital Photography on a 2.5 hour tour through Fremantle and Perth areas.

The tour and course is designed for all levels of photography and is about learning how to spot the shot, watch the light, placing close attention to detail and composing the images.

Any type of digital camera is suitable.

Where and when:


SATURDAYS 2-4.30pm

SATURDAYS 5-7.30pm night tour [during winter]

In front of Fremantle MARKETS.
The tours can be for locals or tourists. Check schedule for availability.

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Peter Zuvela

Dip. Photography/Studio Manager
ABN: 49 251 208 298

J Shed Art Studio
Unit 3, J Shed, Fleet St Fremantle
Western Australia 6160

Tel: 9430 7900
Mob: 041 793 9783